30th June 2021

As we progress at pace toward the launch of the LGCY MainNet, Supernova, we are pleased to share with our community an update on the latest developments from our developer team who have been hard at work.

The LGCY Network committee is made up of 27 Governing Bodies who are responsible for modifying dynamic parameters such as block rewards and transaction fees on the LGCY network.

As transactions on LGCY MainNet are established the network rewards the governing bodies with USDL, and this enables the Governing Bodies to incentivize investors to stake with them, and enabling distribution…

Exploring the LGCY DPOS vs traditional POW Consensus Models in terms of energy efficiency

LGCY Network is being built to deliver the optimal balance of speed, security and decentralization, as well as support a thriving developer community to build and contribute to a superior blockchain ecosystem.

Recent news has highlighted the significant energy consumption of Bitcoin and other Proof of Work based consensus protocols. Considerable global focus has moved to sustainability and collaboration across industries to reduce our carbon footprint and protect the world from climate change. This is also a consideration in terms of Blockchain and the models which will shape the future of the industry.

In terms of the ecological footprint of…

LGCY Network and MoonTools.io are proud to announce our partnership using MoonTools data explorer for the LGCY Network decentralized exchange that will launch with LGCY Mainnet Supernova.

With MoonTools.io, doing your own research and due diligence will never be easier when equipped with the right tools.

MoonTools.io offers a suite of features such as charting tools and portfolio trackers to keep you prepared for your space travels.

LGCY Testnet is in progress, we are gearing up to Supernova.

Over the past 6 months the development team of LGCY Network led by Vinod Kumar & Abhilasha Singh have worked tirelessly to accelerate the development of the LGCY TestNet.

We are pleased to announce that we have recently completed the network and have been successfully testing and expanding the development team. The team has opened the testnet for 9 developers outside of the team and testing is in full force.

We now have 16 developers to run and maintain the network and have been actively testing deployment of some…

BiKi Exchange announces new trading options to support the LGCY Network Project

Following continued successful collaboration with LGCY Network as their main exchange partner, BiKi Exchange proudly announces the launch of USDL based hybrid contracts as well as Spot Trading pairs LINK/USDL and DOT/USDL.

In recognition of the continued growth on the LGCY/USDT, LGCY/USDL and USDT:USDL pairs, and continued community engagement BiKi Exchange is proud to announce the launch of both LINK (Chainlink) and DOT (Polkadot) pairs for the USDL token.

This addition to the exchange provides our BiKi and LGCY community with increasing use case and adoption for USDL.

A recap of the AMA on 26 of January 2021 at Ferrum Network’s Telegram Room.

  • Justin Wai’au — Co-Founder LGCY Network

Hello, thank you for having me here. We’re a big fan of the Ferrum community and project! My name is Justin Waiau, I’m from Hawaii and I am co-founder of LGCY Network. My background is in the import/export businesses. LGCY Network will be initially a fork of Tron however with key changes to the governance and rewards systems to create a more decentralized network.

  • Dominik Swierkot — CMO Ferrum Network

Thank you for this Justin, and tell us how…

In December, LGCY Network launched its final Pre Staking campaign before we reach LGCY MainNet however due to a small miscommunication the Unifyre Contract closed slightly earlier than planned and some community members were unable to participate as planned.

We want to ensure that our Community is at the centre of our journey and hold true to the values and ambition that we believe set us apart from the competition.

As promised, the LGCY Network and Biki Exchange teams are proud to provide an additional staking window, at the same APY of 48%.

As our main exchange partner Biki will…

Round Two – Steel Hands

LGCY Network are proud to celebrate the start of 2021 in style rewarding our loyal community with a range of new incentive options

The LGCY Network team are proud to announce the launch of a series of new staking incentives in collaboration with both our main exchange partner Biki.com and our existing staking partner Ferrum Network on Unifyre wallet.

As our journey towards MainNet accelerates we want to recognise and reward the community that are supporting our journey.

We are providing multiple staking options to ensure a range of options to suit our community and…

Justin Waiau hosted Ethan, CEO of Biki for this AMA.

Q: Can you introduce BiKi?

BiKi Group was established in 2018 and is headquartered in Singapore. BiKi.com is a global blockchain technology and service provider with over 3 million registered users, and the business covers digital asset trading, derivatives, blockchain technology R&D, blockchain investment, blockchain project incubation, etc. At present, we have set up operation centers in 7 countries including Singapore, China, South Korea, Vietnam, Japan, Russia, and Turkey. We are committed to providing safe, stable, and reliable service experience for global users.

BiKi is a well-established Crypto exchange with…

Building with agility to fulfil the mission of the LGCY project

LGCY Network are proud to release their updated Development Roadmap to keep our community and developers abreast of the latest milestones as the network progresses rapidly, ahead of schedule, toward launch.

Commencing in Q3 2020 with the Pre Sale for private investors, the project has since moved forward at pace laying the critical foundations to support a sustainable ecosystem.

  • Following the successful Uniswap launch LGCY & USDL pairs were subsequently listed on Bilaxy.
  • We launched our Pre Staking program in partnership with Ferrum, enabling our community to earn 56% APY from staking $LGCY with staking rewards paid in USDL.
  • We…


LGCY Network is a DPoS, open-source blockchain protocol with industry-leading transaction speed and flexible utility.

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