Community Hero Awards: Winners Circle

March 12th, 2022

2 min readMar 12, 2022


To celebrate the launch of Neon Supernova we are pleased to announce the results of our Community Hero Awards aiming to drive increased organic exposure of our digital marketing campaign.

Through the course of 2022 we have a range of Marketing Events planned to help drive awareness and adoption of LGCY Network. The Community Hero Awards represent an opportunity for our community to get involved and drive organic reach to new audiences.

In total we are distributing $2500 worth of LGCY tokens to the winners. Submissions were reviewed by a cross section of our team and advisory group. Based on the submissions received we have selected 3 winners whose contributions we felt most worthy of recognition.

We would like to announce the following winners:

Joint 1st: Providing Clarity

Joint 1st: Die_Langeee

Runner Up: Twitter @aduakaj Telegram @paullo240

To our two winners awarded joint first place we are awarding $1000 each worth of $LGCY tokens. While our Runner up is awarded $500 worth of LGCY tokens.

Our winners worked collaboratively to drive awareness of the protocol including developing video content, social media awareness across YouTube, Twitter and Telegram and also hosted a competition.

The video by Providing Clarity can be found here:

As well as a raft of exposure on twitter including example from Die_Langeee below;

And from our Runner Up who supported the launch with a strong presence on social media channels:

We would like to congratulate the winners on their awards and thank you for your contribution to growing LGCY Network together.

We also want to extend our thanks to the wider LGCY Network community for your ongoing support as we continue to focus on building the Worlds Most Decentralised Blockchain Protocol.

About LGCY Network

LGCY Network is a DPoS, Open Source blockchain protocol with industry leading transaction speed and flexible utility. Running on the Liberia’s Protocol, the network aims to be the most truly decentralised dApp blockchain in the world.

Bringing true decentralisation with DPoS by implementing the Libertas Protocol to the Governing Bodies (GB’s) system of governance. By splitting up the 27 GB’s into three branches, limiting the power of each, and introducing terms to the governance system, no single large token holder will be able to gain an unbalanced amount of power.




LGCY Network is a DPoS, open-source blockchain protocol with industry-leading transaction speed and flexible utility.