LGCY & Biki Exchange Lock Staking

As promised, the LGCY Network and Biki Exchange teams are proud to provide an additional staking window, at the same APY of 48%.

Biki Exchange Community Staking Program: Extra Round 48%

Activity 1: Lock LGCY and receive USDL at 48% APY

Activity 2: Lock USDL and receive USDL at 48% APY

Important Notes

  1. During the lock-in period, the locked assets are not allowed for trading, withdrawal and early unlocking.
  2. The interest will be released with principal upon expiry
  3. Release time for principal and interest: Not later than 2021/04/25
  4. To check your earnings: Biki Staking > My POS Record > POS locked
  5. The interpretation rights of this activity will be at the sole discretion of Biki Platform.

About LGCY Network

LGCY Network is a DPoS, open-source blockchain protocol with industry-leading transaction speed and flexible utility. Running on the Libertas Protocol, LGCY Network aims to be the most decentralized dApp blockchain in the world.



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