LGCY Network Development Update # 12

LGCY Network Development Update #12

Summary Overview

We’re into the sixth week of public access to the (soon to be) best network around. The LGCY Network community is growing, and people are as engaged as ever. The team is working hard and working through the roadmap. As with any new venture, there are growing pains; however, the issues are being addressed as efficiently as possible.


  1. Co-founder Justin Waiau announced his Team Allocation Token Burn
  2. Third-Party Wallet Extensions and CEX Integrations
  3. Community Block Explorer / Wallet UI Direction
  4. Onboarding GBs by the end of March (tentative)
  5. API Updates
  6. Community Questions
LGCY Network

1. Co-founder Justin Waiau Announces Team Allocation Token Burn

The big news in February: LGCY Network Co-founder Justin Waiau burned 1B $LGCY tokens. Justin stated:

community comment

2. Third-Party Wallet Extensions and CEX Integrations

Third-party wallet extensions and Hotbit Centralized Exchange have finished integrating. We expect these integrations to be announced and ready to go late February/early March. This is really exciting news, and we’re looking forward to the opportunities these integrations bring to grow the LGCY Network.

  • BitKeep mobile app LRC-20 integrations — all LRC-20 tokens
  • Hotbit — CEX LRC-20 integration for LGCY — complete (please wait for the official announcement from CEX). USDL LRC-20 to come.
  • Desktop for developer’s wallet
  • All transactions via offline signing
  • Offline address generation
  • USDL / LGCY / token transfer
  • Freeze / unfreeze / vote / claim
  • Airdrop function / reward distribution
  • Token generation
  • Witness creation
  • And much more info coming soon
LGCY Network Staking

3. Community Block Explorer / Wallet UI Direction

We will have much more information in the next development update article, but for now, here is a sneak peek as to what’s coming:

4. Governing Body On-Boarding

The priority right now is onboarding the GBs by the end of March (tentative). We have a number of GB’s ready to go, and these will be up and running as soon as possible. Each GB will have their own profile, so you can take your time and find a GB that suits you.

5. API Updates

The LGCY Dev team is addressing many things on the front end and back end. This is a new network, and there are many things to regularly update and monitor. Dev team is working with a set of different parameters on a daily basis. The community will get revised API documentation that will be published on the Block Explorer site. This will help developers integrate with their dApps. Revised API should be published by March.

6. Community Questions — You asked, We answered.

Q: What’s the status of the USDL integration with Travala?

More to Come

We are excited and ready for an eventful month and we hope you will join us in this excitement. As we approach the remaining month of Q1, we are looking forward to completing many items on our roadmap. Thank you again for your support, patience, and engagement. Join us on Telegram or Discord if you have any questions.



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