LGCY Pre-Staking Details!

How does this work?

As previously stated our pre-staking is soon to go live. We are partnering with Ferrum and all staking rewards will be calculated from September 8th.

How is this beneficial for LGCY and LGCY holders?

A pre-staking round has a number of benefits. By incentivizing the freezing of tokens, overall sell pressure is reduced on the market. This allows the chance for growth in the token’s early stages. In addition to this, by offering a high yield on the longest term we are encouraging buy pressure — the more LGCY staked, the more USDL can be paid out.

What else does the Ferrum partnership include?

The Ferrum staking will make use of the UniFyre Wallet. UniFyre’s unique platform will allow LGCY users to send LGCY over any medium (Telegram, What’s App, Twitter, FaceBook, email, etc.) by the use of Link Drops. Also included are Pool Drops — allowing users to send LGCY to hundreds of people at once with a single link — and Swap Drops — risk free OTC trades powered by smart contracts.



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