2 min readFeb 15, 2024

LGCY Network to LGXY:

LGCY Network is set to undergo a series of strategic changes, long kept under wraps, as the project moves towards a new phase. Collaborating with our marketing team and partners, these changes aim to bring greater transparency and efficiency to our community.

Ticker Change and Rebranding:

In a bid to streamline operations and create a fresh start, LGCY Network will change its ticker from LGCY to LGXY as part of a comprehensive rebranding effort. The decision, influenced by insights from our new team and partners, is intended to rectify past mispricing issues on CoinMarketCap. Many tokens have been lost to wallets and exchanges and between this and the introduction of a burn function to the new token, it ensures a more accurate representation of the total supply. We have already prepaid to get on cmc/coingecko and have the correct requirements in place to have it prebaked upon distribution correctly.

Efficient Token Swap Process:

To simplify the transition for our community, a smart contract has been introduced for a straightforward token swap. The 7-day transition period, allows users ample time to exchange their tokens, with major exchanges freezing trading to facilitate the process. We will release the swap tomorrow night and users can start sending in their LGCY for LGXY. Uniswap will be temporarily taken down during this period, returning to its original state upon distribution (Liquidity ETH/LGCY 1:1). LRC20 users that wanted to swap to ERC20 will receive the new token at the same time, those that want to keep LRC20 don’t need to do anything.

A New Home and Upcoming Developments:

In addition to the rebranding, LGCY Network is pleased to announce an upcoming listing on a reputable exchange! Details will be disclosed by the exchange in the coming days, signaling positive growth for the project. Official listing date is aimed for 1 week after distribution. We think it’ll be SEXC for LGXY.

The scheduled fork on March 5th is being integrated into an exchange to support a centralized swap and place to trade, paving the way for the launch of various dapps, including LegacyOne:Battleverse, LootUpApp, Bitwin, marketplace, wallets, and more.

Community Engagement:

As the project enters a dynamic phase, community input is crucial. We encourage constructive criticism but won’t tolerate bullying or negative comments. We invite our users to contribute ideas for rewards and unconventional marketing strategies as we ramp up social media activities. Your suggestions will play a pivotal role in shaping the engagement and communication strategies of LGCY Network.

In the weeks ahead, stay tuned for continued regular updates and announcements, marking a steady evolution as LGCY Network progresses into LGXY. We appreciate your ongoing support and look forward to a more transparent and efficient future.




LGCY Network is a DPoS, open-source blockchain protocol with industry-leading transaction speed and flexible utility.